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Frühkindliche Betreuung und Bildung
Frühkindliche Betreuung und Bildung

Get sponsor - help target-orientated

Help with a sponsorship: Allow children to be children

As a sponsor, you help children in crisis in a sustainable way. Because your long-term support gives children in the SOS Children's Village the chance of a good and self-determined future.

With your village sponsorship you support all children in the village and contribute to health, social and educational programmes in the community.

As a village sponsor, you help us to:

  • create a caring family environment for children who cannot live with their parents

  • ensure education and training for children so they have better opportunities in life

  • ensure access to healthcare for children 

  • support communities who participate in our educational, training, healthcare and family strengthening programmes

With an educational sponsorship or a mother-child sponsorship in Liechtenstein, you support targeted educational programmes or babies of depressed mothers on a monthly basis.

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  • With an educational sponsorship you create equal opportunities!

    Education Sponsorship in Germany

    With an education sponsorship, you also enable children from educationally disadvantaged families to access tutoring and learning opportunities. Free school materials and tailor-made support and learning aids can be financed. More
  • Ein liebevolles Daheim im SOS-Kinderdorf Oruro, Bolivien

    Village sponsorship Bolivia

    Child labour, poverty, hunger: Fortunately, for 135 parentless or neglected children and adolescents from the SOS Children's Village in Oruro, this is no longer an everyday occurrence thanks to your sponsorship. More
  • SOS Children's Village project in Bangui, Central African Republic: Former child soldiers receive a new, loving home.

    Village sponsorship Central African Republic

    180 parentless or neglected children and adolescents find a new home in the SOS Children's Village Bangui. They are finally allowed to go to school, play and experience light-heartedness. More
  • Mutter-Kind-Therapie für depressive Mütter und ihre Babys in Liechtenstein

    Mother and child Sponsorship Liechtenstein/Switzerland

    With your help, around 40 babies or toddlers can be with their mothers while they receive psychological care in a specialised clinic. More
  • SOS Children's Villages protect children at risk and help families in need to reorganize their future.
    Mittlerer Osten

    Village Sponsorship Syria

    40 children and young people find a new home in the SOS Children's Village in Damascus. They receive psychological help and the opportunity to attend school. More
  • Mit Ihrer Patenschaft schenken Sie Kindern in Österreich ein sicheres Zuhause.

    Village Sponsorship Austria

    50 children between the ages of 2 - 18 grow up in the SOS Children's Village Imst. They are lovingly accompanied and cared for until they are adults. More

Neuigkeiten und Geschichten

  • Young people are on fire
    Vaduz secondary school fundraising campaign

    Young people are on fire

    The eighth grade of Vaduz secondary school built and distributed a "Firelamp" as part of their project lessons. More
  • Creating a secure future
    Vocational training for young people

    Creating a secure future

    As you know, we are passionate about opening up new paths for young people. More
  • Education for war children
    SOS Children's Village sets up school

    Education for war children

    After almost two years of war, the educational situation of pupils in Ukraine is massively impaired. More