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Das syrische Mädchen Sabah wohnt im SOS-Jugendheim in Damaskus. Sie träumt davon, Künstlerin zu werden.
Soul healing through painting therapy

Artist Sabah despite all the challenges

2014 was a difficult year for the Syrian girl Sabah and her three brothers. They lost their parents in the war and lived for a long time in one of the SOS Children's Village transition centres.

Children live here for whom it is not yet clear whether they will be able to live with other relatives in the future or what their future holds. Due to the war, chaotic conditions prevailed in Syria; Sabah was unable to go to school for two years.

Dreams for the future thanks to painting therapy

The young Syrian woman had experienced terrible things in the war and therefore attended a trauma therapy to deal with these experiences.  Among other things, she went to painting therapy. She had been painting since she was a little girl and knew that she was very talented in painting. "I have always dreamed of becoming an artist. It has been my passion since I was very young. I can easily paint for hours without getting bored or tired," Sabah said. "But because of the war and my experiences, I didn't even dare to think about my future for a long time"

Today, Sabah is 18 years old and lives in one of the SOS Youth Homes in rural Damascus, just 30 minutes away from the other SOS Youth Homes where her brothers live. In recent years, she has overcome many challenges at school and is now preparing for the secondary school exams that will take place in 2022.

Sabah's talent gives her confidence and courage to speak, express feelings and even dream about her art exhibition.