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BNI Werdenberg/Liechtenstein unterstützt SO-Kinderdorf
Generous donation presented

BNI supports depressive mothers

The BNI Werdenberg-Liechtenstein - a network organisation of entrepreneurs - meets regularly to exchange ideas.

In spring Chapter Director Tanja Pedolin and her team organised an event on the the topic of "Profundity - Frivolity - Cheerfulness" with Dr Marc Risch. He talked about his experiences on this topic to almost 80 interested participants. Dr Risch pointed out how to deal with depression and, above all, how it can be prevented.

Since the speaker did not charge a fee, the members of the members of the BNI Werdenberg-Liechtenstein decided to support the mother-child project for depressive mothers of SOS through a generous donation of CHF 3,500.

"With this donation, we want to point out the importance of this topic" Tanja Pedolin emphasises. Magdalena Frommelt, Managing Director of SOS Children's Villages received the generous donation from the BNI Werdenberg Liechtenstein team last Thursday.