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Alle Kinder in den SOS-Kinderdörfern Haiti sind wohlauf nach dem Erdbeben.
Children in the Children's Village are well

Emergency Aid startet

More than 1,300 people are dead after the massive earthquake in south-west Haiti. The children and families in the SOS Children's Village Les Cayes, which is located in the region, are well!

Eleven years after the devastating quake in the capital Port-au-Prince, Haiti was again severely shaken. This time the epicentre was in the southwest of the island. The major city of Les Cayes is about 50 kilometres from it and the devastation here is also great.

Children and families in the SOS Children's Village Les Cayes are fortunately unharmed and well. There was also no damage to the village itself. A team is currently assessing the situation on the ground and trying to reach the families cared for by SOS Children's Villages. 

SOS Children's Villages in Haiti

SOS Children's Villages has been active in Haiti for over 35 years and has constantly expanded its aid. Immediately after the last major quake in January 2010, 117 food distribution points were set up and 24,000 children and adults were fed. Many of these distribution points have since been converted into permanent small community centres for children and poor families. There are now three SOS Children's Villages for 382 parentless and abandoned children, 4 youth programmes, 4 family strengthening programmes to help people help themselves, 4 Hermann Gmeiner schools and a vocational training centre.

Worldwide emergency aid

SOS Children's Villages is active in 137 countries worldwide, most of them have been on site for many years and are therefore well anchored and familiar with the local structures. The good networking of the local staff with the population and the local authorities is the basis for our being able to quickly start neighbourhood-based emergency aid activities in crisis and disaster areas from the existing programmes and to carry them out in the longer term.
Natural disasters, famines and wars affect above all the weakest: children.

SOS teams are active in crisis regions around the world to provide children and families with the help they need quickly. Please support our emergency aid with your donation.