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Die Kinderlobby Liechtenstein plädiert für eine gewaltfreie Erziehung. SOS-Kinderdorf als Teil der Kinderlobby setzt sich ebenfalls aktiv für dieses Thema ein.
There is always an alternative

Non-violent education

There is always an alternative to violence. Numerous children's organisations under the umbrella of the Children's Lobby Liechtenstein are committed to non-violent education.

Did you know that 30% of children from Liechtenstein experience physical violence? 
These figures come from the study "Children's rights from the perspective of children and young people" by UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which was published in May 21. A total of around 3,500 children from CH and FL took part in the 2020 survey, and the responses of the 287 children from Liechtenstein were analysed separately. Their answers provide insights into how young people perceive the implementation of their rights from a subjective perspective and where they would like to see changes. The children were asked about the implementation of children's rights in the areas of family, school and place of residence.

From 1 September, the Children's Lobby, of which SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein is also a member, is therefore launching an annual campaign with the aim of sensitising society and especially parents to non-violent parenting. During one year, posters, bus advertisements, a website and events for parents will be used to draw attention to the issue,
website and through events for parents.

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