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From life remains the good! Even after death the work is not finished. With a gift, a will or a bequest you can give children a happier future. A will written by hand is already enough. SOS-Kinderdorf Liechtenstein would be pleased to advise you directly and personally.
Leave traces

Testament Day

For many people it is important to leave traces in their lives. They want their values and ideas of a good world. What better way better than by making a donation in their will to an aid organisation?

From life remains the good

13 September is "Wills Day". Dealing with the topic of "wills" is usually not an easy step. After all, it means dealing with one's own end of life. But as with so many topics, the positive can be seen here too: It gives you the chance to think about your values, about your life, about your priorities. What have you lived for? What was important to you in life? What values do you want to live on after your death? What traces do you want to leave behind?

An early discussion gives you the chance to settle your legacy without time pressure.
This is also the opinion of Matthias Brüstle, Managing Director of Dementia Liechtenstein: "Settling your will early gives you inner peace and satisfaction. In this way, you can plan - ideally with the help of a professional - what you want to achieve with your estate long after your death. You do not leave it up to fate or the state. And very importantly, you prevent misunderstandings and inheritance disputes among descendants and family members." Take the day of the will as an opportunity to become active and determine what should be done with your legacy. Be proactive about your life issues.

Many people who care about charity choose to include in their will a charitable organisation that will carry on the focus of their lives. A charity with which they have been connected through personal stories. An organisation that stands up for values that are important to them.