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Being able to recognize and name feelings is one of the most important social skills. Thanks to the SOS Heart Box, children succeed better in this.
Project for social skills in Liechtenstein

380 children startet with "Herzkiste"

We are overwhelmed! 24 classes as well as several school social workers introduce the SOS Heart Box!

More space for topics such as feelings, strengths, mindfulness - and all this in the classroom. That is the basic idea of the SOS Heart Box. Developed over the past two years by our Austrian colleagues, we brought the SOS Heart Box to Liechtenstein this year.

The demand for this low-threshold, nicely prepared and ready-to-use box for teachers seems to be there: 24 teachers took part in the introduction to the SOS Heart Box last week and will implement the contents in Liechtenstein classrooms in the coming weeks.

We are happy when children are increasingly given the opportunity to talk about their feelings. It is so important to see them as holistic human beings: This is the only way they can develop and use their potential!

A few boxes on the topic of "Strengths" are still available. Information and orders under this link.