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Birthday present

Philantrops, foundations and trusts

By getting involved with SOS Children’s Villages, you can fulfil the purpose of your foundation very effectively. We will accompany you during the process as your reliable and professional partner organisation.

We would be happy to advise you as philanthropists, private sponsors and charitable foundations in a personal discussion about the aid projects that fit your foundation's purpose. We have a total portfolio of 2,800 projects in our 138 countries.

Around 50 of these are co-financed or implemented from Liechtenstein; three of our projects are in Liechtenstein and benefit families, sick mothers or school children.

Our international funding and project priorities are in the following areas:

  • Construction projects of children's villages, schools, clinics

  • Maintenance of children's villages

  • Education programmes (kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational school)

  • Emergency aid (war and crisis relief)

  • Health (maintenance of health centres, training of health personnel, training of parents in hygiene behaviour)

  • Family strenghtening programmes (preventive work with socially and financially weak families)

  • Sustainable agriculture / income generation / parent education

  • Markus Schaper, Magdalena Frommelt and Virginia Biedermann will be happy to advise you.