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SOS-Heart Box for Schools

The time of the pandemic has made it clear that schools are not only places of knowledge, but above all places of social learning and togetherness. Especially in these times, we want classrooms where children and young people feel comfortable and find a space to develop and grow.
To support schools in this challenging task, our children's aid organization, together with the Future Wings Foundation, has developed a low-threshold and free offer for social learning in schools: The SOS Heart Box.

The SOS Heart Box serves many topics and required competencies of the Liechtenstein curriculum (e.g. subject area NMG 10) and can be implemented in the subjects NMG, class council, German, ethics or as a project. It comprises around 8-12 school hours.

In order to accompany this heart education, which is so important for later life, there is often little time left in the school day. The SOS Heart Box addresses all those teachers who nevertheless always strive in their work to develop the social skills of the children.

**What's in the SOS heart box?

In the SOS Heart Box, teachers will find pedagogically well thought-out, tried-and-tested and lovingly designed work materials as well as a voucher for an optional topic-specific and free workshop for the whole class.

We have developed various heart boxes:

  • The "ME box " on the topic of "feelings" (recognizing, naming, and reflecting on feelings, mindfulness).

  • The "YOU box " on the topic of "strengths" (getting to know strengths, mutual reinforcement).

  • The "WE box " on the topic of "class association" (shared values, strengths, class resources, teamwork)

  • The "ALL box " on the topic of "Community" (solidarity, part of the world, self-efficacy, environment)

**For which school levels are the SOS Heart Boxes suitable?

The ICH-Kiste is recommended for 4th and 5th primary school level.

The DU box is recommended for 4th and 5th grade primary school and 1st grade high school/secondary school/grammar school.

The WIR-Kiste is recommended for the 1st and 2nd grade of secondary school/secondary school/grammar school.

The ALLE box is recommended for the 2nd and 3rd grade of secondary school/secondary school/grammar school.

**What materials are in the SOS Heart Box?

Each SOS Heart Box contains

  • a visual change for the classroom (e.g. compliments wall, feelings carousel, values poster)

  • ready-made worksheets, ritual and implementation ideas on the relevant topics - printed out in class size

  • a voucher for a workshop with an SOS Children's Villages trainer

  • a free introduction with teaching ideas for all interested teachers

**Has the heart box already been tested?

Yes, the SOS Heart Boxes were used for the first time in Liechtenstein in August 2022 in around 30 classes for almost 400 children. In August 2023, 70 heart boxes are already being used for almost 1000 children.

The heart box was developed by our employee and teacher Lena Mulumulu. The heart boxes are continuously adapted to the feedback from teachers and children. In this way, we ensure that we provide you with high-quality and well thought-out materials.

**When does the free class workshop take place?

The free class workshop (2 lessons) with our qualified trainers ideally takes place when the class has already gained initial experience with the SOS Heart Box and can be used, for example, as the conclusion of the project.

We can provide you with the workshop and teaching materials worth around CHF 500 free of charge. Order here: order form

The SOS Heart Box received two awards in 2022: the LGT Award for social commitment and the Liechtenstein Government's Equal Opportunities Award 2022.

Would you as a teacher or school social worker like to find out more about the Heart Box? Get in touch with us!