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How can I leave the good things in life? With a legacy to SOS Children's Village
How can I leave the good things in life? With a legacy to SOS Children's Village

Leave good things behind with your will

What do you want to remain from your life? What legacy would you like to leave to your loved ones but perhaps also to this world? Early and well-considered planning of your will is worthwhile.
If you have the desire to leave a part of your inheritance to the smallest and most vulnerable of this world, namely to children in need, you will find our free brochure with a will guide below.

Mit Ihrem Erbe schenken Sie erinnernswerte Kindheiten.

The good of a legacy for boys and girls in need: 

  • Your legacy gives childhood a second chance and provides children and young people with a loving home

  • Your wishes count and your life remains a beautiful memory

  • We fulfil your last will and testament with care and diligence

    A handwritten will is sufficient. We also recommend legal advice.

    No taxes, no detours - your inheritance arrives
    In January 2011, inheritance and gift tax has been abolished in Liechtenstein. As a result, heirs receive the estate or gift in full. In the case of SOS Children's Villages, gifts would be made directly to children and young people in need. And exactly as you wish.

    You decide who should benefit from your estate
    Your last will and testament will be carried out by SOS Children's Villages as the sole valid mandate: You can choose whether SOS Children's Villages should use your inheritance where the need of children is greatest or specifically select something from our worldwide programmes in the area of children's villages, family strengthening programmes, schools and clinics to benefit from your life's work. If you wish, we will also take care of the funeral or grave care.
    We at SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein guarantee that your last will and testament will be fulfilled 100%!

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