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SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein Vaduz - How can I help children and families in need - Emergency programs
SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein Vaduz - How can I help children and families in need - Emergency programs

Our mission

We want to contribute to an actual societal change that makes it possible for all children and adolescents to grow up in dignity and warmth – loved, respected and protected.

  • We help children und adolescents in need.

    Protecting them, fast, unbureaucratically, actively and with expertise.

  • We make it possible for every child and adolescent to have a unique future.

    Every child should have a loving home! Creating opportunities, promoting education and providing life skills.

  • We listen to children and adolescents & know what their needs are.

    We support them, side-by-side. We give them our full attention and take every single child

  • We advocate on behalf of children and adolescents

    Unconditionally, courageously and passionately.

  • Carried by values

    We protect children at risk and help families in need to redesign their future. We empower parents to offer their children prospects by their own efforts. Examples of this are income generation, day care centres, counselling and workshops. Through targeted programmes, we promote help for self-help.

What motivates us

The four pillars of our fundamental approaches and values:

  • Relationship

    Relationships form the main pillars of our work. We offer stable relationships to each child or adolescent entrusted to us; these are based on empathy, commitment and freedom from violence.

  • Family of origin

    Parents, siblings, close caregivers and cultural roots are of central importance for the identity development of the children and adolescents. We include them actively in our care and counselling in a respectful way and for the benefit of the children and adolescents.

  • Participation

    We actively involve the children and adolescents in all issues that concern them in an age-appropriate and development-appropriate way, thereby promoting their self-efficacy and independence.

  • Professionalism

    Our work is orientated around specialist standards. It is continually monitored and further developed. We place a high value on self-contemplation, specialist and personal further development. We work actively and transparently with clients and network partners.