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Unternehmenspartner schaffen Mehrwert
Unternehmenspartner schaffen Mehrwert
Social and sustainable:
Support children with your company

Shaping the future for children

In order to present yourself as a responsible company, social commitment contributes to a positive image: With your customers, your business partners and above all with your employees.

Would you also like to improve the lives and future of as many children as possible? Then we already have a common goal!

We offer partners who actively support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and wish to act in accordance with the ESG criteria a wide range of opportunities for social engagement. Contact us for a personal consultation on how you can provide sustainable support.

For example, you can get involved in our four local programs - Family Support Program, Early Help, SOS Heart Box and Mother and Child Therapy in Liechtenstein and the Rhine Valley - or our 48 international projects.

Donate creatively as a company

Salary donation
Every month, a five-franc or ten-franc sum can be donated from your salary on a voluntary basis.

Company run
Run together and donate a certain amount per kilometer run.

Support us with the purchase of office supplies, cover our printing costs for donation flyers or finance a fundraising event.

Give meaningful gifts
Instead of giving boxes of chocolates to customers at Christmas, give aid packages to children or a donation to an aid project.

Company party
Celebrate your anniversary or other festivities and collect donations for a specific aid project.

Product sales with a donation share
A defined proportion of the sales price of your product goes to the SOS Children's Village.