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How can I help children in poverty - With donations to SOS-Kinderdorf Liechtenstein
How can I help children in poverty - With donations to SOS-Kinderdorf Liechtenstein

Your donation counts

A happy childhood is the basis for a self-determined future. Unfortunately, children and young people lose their homes every day and therefore their future prospects. With your monetary donation, you help to offer children a new future!

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... or make a bank transfer to one of the following donation accounts:

VP Bank AG, Vaduz:
Account No. 50.412.361.004 / IBAN No. LI53 0880 5504 1236 1000 4
QR-IBAN: LI9130174504123610004

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, Vaduz:
Account No. 5612.8269.2001 / IBAN: LI80 0880 0561 2826 9200 1

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Donate an aid package as a gift

Choose a specific aid package and start donating!

Also suitable as a gift idea: For example, you can give a goat or school bag in the name of your loved one and receive a nice donation certificate for the recipient, which you can gift for Christmas or for birthdays. This is how sustainable donations work!

  • Donate a stuffed schoolbag

    Donate a stuffed schoolbag

    Enable education
    A school bag rarely comes alone. It always comes with exercise books, books, stationery & co. With this aid package,...
    CHF 75.00
  • Goat


    for families in Niger
    A goat can work wonders because it can feed an entire family in Africa. The aid for families service of SOS Children’s...
    CHF 30.00
  • Teddy bear

    Teddy bear

    Support children in Liechtenstein
    The purchase price of a teddy bear supports families affected by poverty with sick or disabled children. Each bear is...
    CHF 95.00
  • A bicycle for the way to school

    A bicycle for the way to school

    Secure and quick to school or work
    Give a child in Bolivia the gift of an easier journey to school. In Bolivia, schools are located in larger towns or...
    CHF 75.00
  • Chicken farm

    Chicken farm

    Secure income with chicken
    Chickens instantly become a source of income and food for the whole family. The eggs laid thanks to your donation can be...
    CHF 20.00
  • Emergency package

    Emergency package

    For families after disasters
    Provide food and hygiene items to families in need.The poorest are hit particularly hard by disasters, as they often...
    CHF 85.00