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How can I give meaningful gifts and do something good?
How can I give meaningful gifts and do something good?

Social Return on Investment

A hot topic in the field of aid and donations is effectiveness: how effective is aid really? We have investigated this in more detail by analysing the impact of our work and its social influence.

Proven positive effect

Our work provides sustainable support for children and families. In addition to school education, we promote the individual needs of the children and create the framework conditions for learning and development through caring families. Thanks to education, medical care and psychological support, the children in our care can grow out of their plight as stable personalities and shape their own future.

Our programs have a high added value for society, as the children and young people in our care become active, educated members of their communities. The long-term effectiveness of our work, confirmed by a study by the Boston Consulting Group, shows a cost-benefit ratio of 1:5, in six African children's villages even 1:14. 5 CHF or 14 CHF of added value is thus created for the respective community for every franc donated.

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