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How can I give meaningful gifts and do something good?
How can I give meaningful gifts and do something good?

Social Return on Investment

We have measured the impact of our services through interviews with 3,450 individuals from 37 countries who we supported in the past. The results show, that with the support of SOS Children's Villages, most of these individuals have significantly improved their chances of happiness in life and are able to contribute positively to their communities.

Proven positive impact

Our work helps children and families in long-term projects. In addition to school education, we support children with their individual needs. And a caring family creates the conditions for learning and development. Thanks to education, medical care and psychological supervision, the children and adults we look after are able to leave their hardship behind and grow up into stable personalities. We help children take their future into their own hands.

Proved added value
The children and adolescents we have looked after are regarded as independent, educated and motivated. They become active members of their communities and give their societies something back. Your donation is therefore an investment in the society of tomorrow.

Proof of the effectiveness of our work
Together with the independent management consultancy Boston Consulting Group, we have examined various SOS locations for their long-term effectiveness. The economic-monetary effect of our work was examined: the costs of the programmes Children’s Villages and Aid for Families were examined in relation to indicators that benefit the community in the short and long term, e.g. income of care persons and former participants, effectiveness of local expenditure as well as the effects for the next generation.

The SOS programmes that were examined achieved a cost-benefit ratio of 1:5; in the six African Children’s Villages we examined, the ration was as much as 1:14. This means that for each swiss franc deployed, CHF 5 CHF or CHF 14 of added value is created for the respective

Read our impact report (German).