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Harare jubelndes Kind
Harare jubelndes Kind


The plan is ambitious: by 2030, the international community wants to end global poverty, reduce inequality and discrimination, promote sustainable economic growth also in poor countries and solve environmental problems in the long term. 

With 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has set the course for the future of the world: They are to ensure food, health, education and a life free of poverty. 139 countries, including Liechtenstein, have agreed to the Treaty on the Future.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) apply to all UN countries, including Liechtenstein. The "Sustainable Development Goals of the UN" particularly concern the future opportunities and rights of children. With all its programs, SOS Children's Villages makes an important contribution to the 17 (SDGs) adopted as part of Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

So what needs to be done to achieve these goals?

It needs the active and focused contribution of many small and large actors, civil society as well as governments, to achieve this ambitious goal.

With all its programmes, SOS Children's Villages is making an important contribution to the 17 SDGs adopted as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In doing so, we at SOS Children's Villages focus particularly on the fight against poverty and hunger, access to education and health care.  We continue to work to permanently and sustainably reduce unequal opportunities and disadvantaged general living conditions, as well as to promote peace and justice.

SOS Children's Villages will therefore also increase its contribution to the SDGs: with micro-credits for families, education for children and adolescents, health care for mothers and babies, and awareness campaigns on peace and equality. We have a tough job ahead of us. Because in just ten years' time, we will have to be measured against the promises we make today.

Will a child born in 2030 grow up in a world without poverty? In a peaceful world, with an environment worth living in? We will only succeed if young people today can acquire the values, knowledge and skills they need to actively help shape a better world.