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The people in Ethiopia are in urgent need of food aid. SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein supports children, young people and families with an emergency aid program.
Liechtenstein supports Emergency Programme in Ethiopia

CHF 100'000

The Liechtenstein Government supports the emergency aid programme in Tigray, Ethiopia, with CHF 100'000

350'000 people in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray are starving as a result of the civil war. After months of violence, the Ethiopian government has announced a ceasefire. It is supposed to allow farmers to cultivate their fields and humanitarian organisations to work unhindered in Tigray. But for many, this is too late.

SOS Childrens Village has started to support malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women with supplementary therapeutic food. We also help victims of gender-based violence, i.e. by providing blankets, nightgowns, and nutritious food for a survivors support centre run by regional authorities. We are maintaining health facilities that were damaged, enabling the local people to get medicine and medical assistance there.

We provide people with chronic illnesses with the drugs they need, which were in very short supply before our intervention. In the programmes, the colleagues support SGBV survivors and provide psychosocial support for children and adults traumatized by war and other forms of violence.