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SOS Children's Village takes care of arriving children from Ukraine.
Ukraine emergency aid

Child protection center established at Vienna Central Station

SOS Children's Villages is now supporting the Caritas day center at Vienna's main train station with a child protection zone for children from Ukraine.

The children who arrive in Vienna have experienced a lot in the last few days. They have had to say goodbye to family members, have had to leave their homes behind, are afraid. Many are exhausted from the journey, the excitement and the uncertainty. It is important to relieve children in such crisis situations. Children get the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of such situations. They also worry about their parents, their siblings and their future. That is why it is important to create a protected space where children can process what they have experienced in their own way.

SOS Children's Village will be on site every day from 12:00h to 19:00h with staff and trained volunteers. We will provide suitable toys in the children's corner, as well as painting materials and targeted offers for all ages, so that the children feel comfortable here and can relax a little after the exhausting flight. The toys are provided by our social market SOS Balloon.

The shelter zone at the main station is an important step to give the exhausted, traumatized children a short time of safety and being a child. But this can only be a first step. Ultimately, thousands of childcare places, school and kindergarten places are needed. It needs psychological support for these children and young people. It needs a quick recognition of qualifications for Ukrainian professionals, such as educators, interpreters, caregivers.