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Mutter-Kind-Therapie für depressive Mütter und ihre Babys in Liechtenstein
Twice as many applications

Depressed Mothers get help

With our mother-child project, we advocate for children of mentally ill mothers in Liechtenstein and the neighbouring Rhine Valley.

The mothers are professionally accompanied and cared for in special mother-child wards in the surrounding psychiatric hospitals. They can have their children between 0-5 years with them during the therapy, which usually lasts several weeks (or even several months), because separation is usually not feasible from an organisational point of view. For families in financially difficult situations, we take over these care costs for the children, because these are not paid by the health insurance!
Our experience shows: Mothers of babies and toddlers only go to treatment for several weeks if they know their child is in safe hands and do not have to go into debt for it!

Moreover: In a mother-child unit, the little ones are well cared for and the women are supported by professionals in building up a loving and good bond with the child!

Last year we financed 660 days of care. This year, the requests are shooting through the roof: more than 800 care days have been approved so far for financially weak families.
Thank you to all who make this important help possible through their donations!