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The people in Ethiopia are in urgent need of food aid. SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein supports children, young people and families with an emergency aid program.
How SOS Children's Village helps

Global consequences of the Ukraine war

The Ukraine war is devastating even for people living thousands of kilometres away.

Because Ukraine is the breadbasket of the world: together with Russia, it supplies a third of the grain for the world's population. Many African countries are dependent on imports and would not be able to compensate for a shortfall or decline in supplies, even in the long term.

One possible solution to this enormous global problem is to strengthen farmers in the affected countries. In 200 programmes across Africa, SOS Children's Villages supports families, often small-scale farmers - for example in Ethiopia and Kenya. The cornerstones of SOS Family Aid are: Securing basic needs, schooling for the children, creating networks and helping people to help themselves.

The Ukraine war and the associated sanctions will have massive economic and social consequences worldwide. It will particularly affect the global South and Africa, as Ukraine and Russia are among the most important wheat exporters in the world. SOS Children's Villages anticipates a sharp increase in the need for alternative care for children and support for families in existential need.

The Corona pandemic has already led to an extreme increase in hunger and set back the particularly affected countries by years in their efforts for economic, social and political development or stabilisation. The poorest countries of the world will have to contend with substantial price increases. Food shortages could also affect the ability of many aid agencies to provide food aid. SOS Children's Villages is helping in precisely these countries with family strengthening programmes and child and youth services for the most vulnerable groups.