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Dank des Familienstärkungsprogramms von SOS-Kinderdorf hat die vierfache Mutter wieder eine Zukunftsperspektive.
Today I can smile again

"Today I can smile again"

Today you will learn the story of a small businesswoman from Bolivia. Angélica smiles, she is proud of everything she has achieved.

That her family is united and strengthened is the best gift life has given her. "It wasn't easy," she recalls. Four years ago, her family was falling apart. Domestic violence and lack of financial resources made it difficult for the mother and her children. So Angélica decided to separate from her husband for the time being, but they kept in touch. Through therapy and workshops at the SOS Social Center, Angélica and her husband were able to rebuild their relationship.

At the same time, Angélica also continued her education and learned how to start and run her own business. With the support of SOS Children's Villages, the resourceful mother was able to purchase a sewing machine. This is now her most important working tool. Every week she now receives orders to make skirts and traditional skirts. Her customers also ask her for advice on combining colors and styles. "Knowing how to sew is not enough, you also have to know the fabrics, colors and models and have a lot of dedication," she is sure, because she also wears a traditional skirt.

Her small business allows the resourceful woman to spend more time with her children, taking care of them while contributing to their income. This has noticeably eased the financial and family situation, and now the main burden for the income is no longer on her husband's shoulders.