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Hinterlassen Sie mit Ihrem Testament Gutes!
Things to know about inheritance and succession

Joint event with Stein Egerta

Tag des Testaments am 13. September: So bleibt der Familienfriede gewahrt

Most people leave an inheritance. Whether the inheritance disturbs the harmony of the surviving relatives is something the deceased can no longer influence. But he can try to avoid problem areas during his lifetime by writing a will that is as clear as possible.


On International Wills Day on 13 September, SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein and Stein Egerta Adult Education are drawing attention to the opportunity of leaving an inheritance for a good cause.


Many people would like to donate part of their inheritance to charitable organisations in order to do good. However, this gesture also harbours potential for conflict. Various short presentations will show how to plan for retirement and wills from a financial, legal and health perspective in order to preserve family peace. Special attention will also be paid to dementia, social aspects and living wills and health care proxies.