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SOS-Kinderdorf bereitet umfangreiches Hilfsprojekt vor.
Emergency Aid started

War in the Ukraine: children and families need shelter and help

As of yesterday morning, 24 February, Ukraine is in a state of war.

People are desperate, many are trying to flee. Children and families need help. "That night changed everything," says Serhii Lukashov, head of Ukraine's SOS Children's Villages the morning after the Russian attack on targets across the country.

First evacuations have taken place

The situation across the country is confusing. Due to the threat situation, the SOS Children's Villages team on the ground had already launched an emergency plan and started evacuation measures to move children and their foster parents from our programmes in the Luhansk region to the west of the country. Around 100 children and adults have already been evacuated.

The families living in the houses of the SOS Children's Village Browary near Kiev found refuge in an air-raid shelter during the shelling.  

Extensive relief measures planned

At the moment, SOS Children's Villages is preparing humanitarian aid for at least 15,000 people in Ukraine.  

  • Transport to safe areas 

  • Accommodation in rented shelters 

  • Food, hygiene articles and blankets 

  • medical aid  

  • psychosocial support after stress and shock 

Depending on how the situation develops, the measures will be extended or affected families will be supported in the long term.