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Spenden mit Gegenwert Ziege zugeschnitten
for families in Niger


CHF 30.00

A goat can work wonders because it can feed an entire family in Africa.

The aid for families service of SOS Children’s Villages gives parents and their children prospects. In poor countries such as Niger or Ethiopia, a goat can help a family to feed itself sustainably. The goat’s milk and cheese, as well as a broth known as “fura” satisfies the children’s hunger and promotes their healthy development. Some families sell the milk and cheese that they don’t need themselves. With the money, they can buy medicines and school books for the children. And the goats can do even more, because goat manure is a good fertiliser for the fields on which vegetables can be cultivated. If the goats breed, the young animals are passed on to other families in the village. This means that even more families can feed themselves independently.