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Donation from the Obstacle Course Lie Mud Run Association to SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein
LieMudRun supports children from the region

A generous donation

The third "LittleMudRun", the fun run for children, was a complete success despite the gloomy weather.

For the first time, the obstacle course was sold out and completed by 350 boys and girls. The 6-14 year olds waded through mud, conquered climbing walls, shimmied along wooden slats and were in high spirits despite the freezing temperatures.

The "Obstacle Run LieMudRun" association once again donated five Swiss francs per participating child to a local aid project of SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein.

Focus on children of mentally ill mothers

Thanks to this generous donation, which was doubled by the main sponsor Bank Frick, about 50 days of care for babies of mentally ill mothers can be financed. "When a mother becomes mentally ill, it usually affects the whole family. It is important that the woman can get professional help and that the baby or toddler is cared for at the same time. We can support this with our donation," says Sandra Wögerer, president of the association. "With our commitment, we are helping locally in a subject area that is unfortunately still taboo."

The SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein team is equally pleased. "We were already able to count on the support of the "Obstacle Course Association" last year. The help that comes to women from the region is urgently needed. We have already financed almost 1,000 days of care this year, so this donation is very beneficial to us," says Carola Büchel from SOS Children's Village Liechtenstein about the very welcome commitment.