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Konflikt Israel_Palästina
Conflict between Israel and Palestine

Children in SOS childrens villages are in safety

Israeli and Palestinian children of the Children's Villages in safety.

Hamas attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip and counter-attacks have so far killed over 1,500 people on both sides since Saturday, 7 October. According to the Israeli army, several towns near the border are still being fought over and the Gaza Strip continues to be bombed.

All children and staff in the SOS Children's Villages in Rafah and Bethlehem are safe, as the National Director of SOS Children's Villages Palestine, Ghada Hirzallah, announced: "We are in constant contact with our colleagues in Gaza via WhatsApp groups and telephone," Hirzallah said. "We continue to monitor the situation and will take necessary action if needed."

Likewise, the children and staff of the Israeli SOS Children's Villages are safe. Many of them spent the holidays with their biological relatives, where they will remain until further notice, according to government orders.