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Ghada ist behindert und wird von SOS-Kinderdorf in Syrien liebevoll betreut und unterstützt.
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Children with disabilities in Syria

Ghada, the girl in the photo, is the youngest of 5 children and was born in Syria with Down Syndrome.

She lost her parents in the war when she was six years old. She and her siblings were left alone. What now?

Syria is barely equipped to care for children with impairments and special needs. There is a lack of infrastructure, staff and money.

Ghada found temporary accommodation in an SOS transitional home. However, as she needs special care and various therapies, this was not a permanent solution.

For three years, there has therefore been an alternative for children like Ghada: at the "SOS Farm", which is located outside Damascus, children with special needs are offered comprehensive care. The farm offers space for 25 boys and girls. A total of 19 caregivers, including nurses, child psychologists, physiotherapists and social workers, look after these boys and girls 35 days a week, around the clock.

The children help in the garden every day, take care of the farm's animals, cook, sing and dance. In this way, they find stability and inner peace. Most of them are also severely mentally traumatised.

💰 As you can imagine, the financial requirements for this intensive care are high.

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