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SOS-Kinderdorf engagiert sich für Kinder und Familien, welche vom Klimawandel betroffen sind.
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Climate protection = child protection

The effects of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly apparent around the world.

As a result, poverty and hunger are worsening. More and more families are being driven from their homes by the climate crisis and are seeking refuge in cities or other countries. Especially the #children of these families are the ones who suffer.

The climate crisis threatens above all the future opportunities of young people and future generations. For us at SOS Children's Villages, climate protection is therefore child protection at the same time.

What are we doing concretely?

✔️️Wir We arm smallholder families against the consequences of global warming through drought-resistant seeds and sustainable irrigation techniques.
✔️ We provide children with environmental education
✔️ We train young people and adults in sustainable professions
✔️ We promote climate and environmentally friendly technologies on site, for example by installing solar or biogas plants in SOS Children's Villages.

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