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Family Network Liechtenstein

Cooperation with Family Network Liechtenstein

Netzwerk Familie Liechtenstein is a prevention project of the Sophie von Liechtenstein Foundation and the Liechtenstein Red Cross. They support parents with children aged 0-5 in stressful life situations.

Network Family Liechtenstein aims to identify stressed parents of young children as early as possible and organize tailor-made help for them. Together with our network partners, we support these families.
Here is an insight into the important work of Marlene Jochum, head of the center:
"5-year-old Georg* (name changed) was born with trisomy 21. He is dependent on 1:1 care so that he can attend the playgroup. As his mother had just given birth to her second baby, the Netzwerk family started looking for an alternative solution - and found one. A young woman has agreed to accompany the boy twice a week until the summer. Her work is financed by donations. A win-win story for everyone!"