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Donation in cryptocurrency

As of now, donations can be made to SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning or Ethereum.

In this way, the innovative non-profit organisation is meeting an ever-increasing need among donors and further increasing the transparency of donation flows. SOS Children's Villages has Bitcoin Suisse at its side as a professional implementation partner. SOS Children's Villages was also supported by the Financial Centre Innovation and Digitalisation Unit of the Liechtenstein government.

Bitcoins are already widely used in everyday life; for example, you can pay for daily purchases, travel or services with Bitcoin. So why not donate in cryptocurrencies as well? "Nowadays, a broad mass of people hold cryptocurrencies. Many of them want to support innovative aid projects and donate directly in cryptocurrencies. Especially the younger generation prefers fast and easy crypto payments over traditional means of payment," says Magdalena Frommelt, Managing Director of SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein. "That is why we have decided, together with Bitcoin Suisse, to offer the possibility to make donations in cryptocurrencies. These are the people we want to accommodate."

Broad support from Bitcoin Suisse

Denis Scheller, Senior Manager Bitcoin Suisse Pay, says: "We are convinced that charitable organisations such as SOS Children's Villages will be able to implement even more valuable projects and provide help thanks to donations in cryptocurrencies. As an industry pioneer - especially in the field of crypto payment services - we see this as an important step to promote the spread of crypto technology. We fully support SOS Children's Villages' endeavour and are very pleased to be working with the Schaan-based non-profit organisation."

"Bitcoin donations increase transparency"

Thomas Dünser, Staff Unit for Financial Centre Innovation and Digitalisation, sees various advantages in donations in cryptocurrencies: "Blockchain technology increases the transparency of donation flows. This counteracts corruption and inspires trust. Direct donations to non-profit organisations eliminate possible bank fees, and since cryptocurrency transactions are always final, they can no longer be manipulated retrospectively.