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SOS-Kinderdorf Liechtenstein durfte für das Projekt der SOS-Herzkiste den LGT Award für soziale Nachhaltigkeit entgegennehmen.
SOS-Herzkiste project awarded

Great appreciation of LGT Bank

WOW! We are blown away by yesterday's LGT Award for social engagement!

The evening was all about appreciation and recognition for the commitment of social organisations. We were particularly pleased with the recognition and the strong appreciation shown to us by CEO Roland Matt and the Minister of Social Affairs Manuel Frick.

The fact that non-profit organisations perform invaluable work and provide the social cement in society, especially in difficult times like these, was especially appreciated by all participants.

The beautiful evening was framed by the LGT Young Soloists, which gave the whole thing an even more festive setting. Finally, a grand dinner and enjoyable conversations with LGT employees and the other award winners: in short, there were only beaming faces!