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Success stories from the SOS Children's Villages
"I can be a mom"

Help for a single mom

After a difficult time, Jasmin comes to the parent-child living in the SOS Children's Village Burgenland with her son about two years ago.

This help was necessary when Jasmin gets into a tailspin after the birth of her son. The problems piled up, she wasn't doing well financially, and things weren't going well in the relationship either. "I just couldn't take care of my child the way he needed," she sees it clearly today. Her son enters crisis care at that time and lives with another family for about two years. "That was the worst time for me - to see that I just couldn't be there for him," Jasmin says.

But the bond never breaks, Jasmin visits her son regularly and is eventually given the opportunity by the Children and Youth Services to move into parent-child living at the SOS Children's Village Burgenland together with her child. "The first days in the children's village were very new for me. The caregivers were all very nice, but of course I first had to adjust to being cared for so closely and really picking on each other. But that was only the case at the beginning. Now my caregivers are like my second family."

Today, the young woman is ready for a good, independent life in her own apartment. Even if everything doesn't always go smoothly, she has learned to take responsibility for herself and her child.