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Telecom FL1 supports SOS Children's Villages with a generous Christmas donation.
Christmas donation instead of presents

Telecom Liechtenstein AG shows social commitment

Telecom Liechtenstein AG is setting an example of social responsibility by making a donation of CHF 5,000.00 to SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein.

Instead of traditional gifts for customers, the company decided to make a contribution to supporting disadvantaged children, young people and families in Liechtenstein.

There are also children, young people and families in the Principality of Liechtenstein who are confronted with poverty and difficult living conditions. The donation from Telecom Liechtenstein AG will help to support the work of SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein, which is committed to the welfare of disadvantaged children and families.

Aldo Frick, CEO of Telecom Liechtenstein AG, emphasized the importance of this campaign: "It was important to us to support a campaign in Liechtenstein and make a contribution to improving the living conditions of children and families in need. We are convinced that this donation will help to bring about positive change in the community."

SOS Children's Villages Liechtenstein is a charitable organization that has been committed to the welfare of children in difficult circumstances for many years. The donation from Telecom Liechtenstein AG will help to provide programs and services aimed at supporting children and families in difficult life situations and giving them a better future.

The company remains committed to not only providing quality telecommunications services, but also to making a positive impact on society.